Where Warm Waters Halt

Many people think Where Warm Waters Halt is the first clue in the poem. Here’s one guess about what it might mean.

The area in the official Chase map contains a lot of areas that might relate to warm waters. There are countless hot springs. Since I think Yellowstone is involved, we can start there. We’ll find that the park has one “thermal area” after another – including geysers, hot springs, paint pots, and more.

So let’s take another approach. Forrest Fenn said that each word was deliberately chosen. So why use ‘halt’ instead of stop or end or something similar? Halt doesn’t exactly rhyme with walk as far as I am concerned.

In my mind, I think of “Halt – who goes there?” and I turn to the military. So it turns out that at one time the military guarded YS and there is still an army base there.

Would you believe the base is near the north entrance of the park – adjacent to a popular attraction known as Mammoth Hot Springs? As well as the Boiling River? True story.

So while this may or not be the starting point, it is as good of a guess as anything for now.

We’ll do another post about the “warm” part of the clue later on.

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4 thoughts on “Where Warm Waters Halt

  1. Halt. Of course! I’ve been so focused on the warm waters that I overlooked the big clue right in front of me. Now I can find the treasure! Well, maybe.

    • You could try to solve the clues in the poem first, but since Santa Fe is an unique town with no bldniiugs higher than two stories it’s probably worth a visit even if you don’t find the treasure. I’m sure they’ll be glad to welcome you there. Better pack your ‘irons’ thought … just in case.

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