When I read “The Thrill Of The Chase” I came away thinking that a passage about trains was important. I suppose it was nothing more than a hunch with no real basis. We know Fenn has links to Santa Fe, and of course the Santa Fe Railroad was one of the better known railroads in the US. In fact, if you encounter BNSF, which is still active today, the letters stand for Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

At the time, I thought the words in the poem ‘heavy loads’ could possibly refer to a train yard or station. After all, freight trains would carry heavy loads of various types of freight. It’s probably a stretch and I’ve since moved away from that thought.

Then I learned that in Britain, a ‘halt’ could mean a minor railway stop without buildings.

Could such a rail stop be a clue or a landmark on your journey to the treasure? Could rails, a train yard or something else related to locomotives be involved?

I kind of doubt it. But it’s a thought. The more ideas we can eliminate, the fewer wild goose chases we will have left to go on.

Would you believe that ‘down’ is part of rail-related terminology? ‘The down line’ is “of or relating to a train or trains from a more important place or one regarded as higher.”

Now if you can make any sense of that either you’re a genius or you’re really stretching it to find a connection.

OK – more crazy wordplay-related posts to come!

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