The Yellowstone Connection

When I first heard abut the treasure, I assumed it was in New Mexico, or NM. After all, Forrest Fenn, or FF, stated that it was located “in the mountains north of Santa Fe,” NM.

After reading his book, The Thrill of the Chase, I changed my mind. FF said that the poem stands alone – it gives all of the clues needed to solve the puzzle and find the treasure. The book also contains “subtle clues” that will help.

Here’s why I now think Yellowstone and the surrounding area are key

First, much of the book describes FF’s cherished days of youth spent in and around Yellowstone. The book includes photos – especially photos related to fishing in the park

There is a story where FF refers to holding his thumb over a population – emphasizing his thumb. There is an area in the park called West Thumb

There is a story about a bison or buffalo named Cody. There is an area in Yellowstone called West Cody. Now, in Wyoming a man named “Buffalo” Bill Cody is something of a local legend. You’ve probably heard of him. There is even a town named Cody, WY – but that town is outside of the area on the official chase map. Maybe the Cody of the book is simply named after Buffalo Bill.

The book centers on Texas, Asia, and the Yellowstone area. Only the Yellowstone region lies within the designated area on the official map. Also mentioned are West Yellowstone, WY, Gallatin national Forest, and Lake Hebgen. All of these are close to, or adjacent to YS Park.

There is relatively little mention of NM, and most of it relates to the home of FF’s art gallery – Santa Fe. We already know the treasure is not there – it is at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe.

As we will say again and again, only FF knows

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