Gypsy Magic

On pages 42-43 of The Thrill of the Chase, Forrest Fenn describes watching gypsies party near the railroad tracks when he was a child.

Maybe I’m off base here, but there is something about this story that doesn’t seem right. It isn’t actually a story per se. So, is it a clue? If so, what in the world could it mean?

Could railroad tracks be part of the chase? At one time I worked out a failed solution that involved the town of Emigrant, MT – a former railroad town. I thought “heavy loads” might refer to the loads a train would carry. That theory didn’t pan out, but could there be something to the idea? I suppose it could

Could there be a place in one of the four states named after gypsies? I haven’t looked yet.

Maybe it’s just a story that he wanted to include. Maybe it was a more important memory than it seems.

Only FF knows…

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I’m not sure if there’s anything to this one or not…After a while you start seeing clues everyplace, whether they are there or not…

I noticed in The Thrill of the Chase that there are three separate mentions of the word ‘helicopter’

On page 50, FF talks about a “helicopter-looking thing” that his brother had built.
On page 90 he talks about a helicopter picking him up in Vietnam.
On page 67 he talks about a car’s fan “making noises like a helicopter”

Now is this just a coincidence? Probably. Maybe a pilot would naturally refer to helicopters in his normal speech.

I’m not sure if this is really a clue, and if it is I don’t know what it might mean. Did he take a helicopter to hide the treasure? He doesn’t mention that he flies them. I can’t imagine that he would hire a pilot to fly him to drop off the treasure. The pilot would surely put 2 and 2 together later.

Is there some place in one of the four states that is named after a helicopter or something related to helicopters? I haven’t checked.

My, how the mind can work overtime when we try to solve a puzzle.

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Has the Fenn Treasure Been Found?

The official line is that many people have claimed to have found the Fenn treasure but no one has provided solid proof.

I suppose the reason that someone would falsely claim to find the treasure would be to make others stop searching.

But why would you announce that you have the treasure if indeed you find it? I imagine that some people might want to stroke their ego, gain recognition, or possibly fame.

In my opinion, these ideas are all flawed.

If you find the treasure and announce it, you are opening yourself to potential problems. You will probably be sued and investigated to see if you infringed on someone else’s rights. You will probably have to pay attorneys to defend and counsel you.

You also open yourself up to security risks. Some very desperate people have set out to find the treasure. They will surely envy you. They may act to try to take some of the treasure or simply to spite you. We know that some searchers have gone to Forrest Fenn’s house to try to get directions to the chase.

This may seem far-fetched, but if you just look at the history of gold prospecting alone, you should see that people get a little crazy when gold and riches are dangled in front of them.

I’m not going to give legal or tax advice – I am not qualified to do either. But at the very least, you’ll need to take steps to avoid tax problems. Thank goodness attorneys are bound by the attorney-client priviledge.

So the point is that there is a good chance that no one will make an announcement when they find the treasure.

As far as I know, there is nothing like a tracking chip in the chest. Forrest Fenn himself will not know when it is found and removed. We could be searching for decades or centuries after it has already been found.

So enjoy the thrill of the chase. It may be the greatest treasure of all.

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How Now, Brown Cow?

If you read The Thrill of the Chase, you’ll find a story about Forrest Fenn’s childhood Guernsey cow, Bessie. This story goes from page 28-32 in a chapter called Bessie and Me. There is also a photo of the family with Bessie.

As far as I can tell, it is correct to capitalize the G in the name of the cow breed. It is supposed to be named after the island in the UK where Guernseys were originally bred.

Some of you may know that a Guernsey cow is brown, or at least partly brown in color.

So some people might guess this has something to do with the home of Brown in the poem. A quick search reveals that there is a town named Guernsey in Wyoming; but the town is in the far eastern part of the state and way off the official chase map.

There is a Brown Cow dam in MT, but it also off the official map.

I haven’t found any promising instances of Bessie in any of the four states. I probably won’t look too hard.

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