Reality TV

Since you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you like the show “The Curse of Oak Island” as I do. If not, you ought to check it out. It airs on The History Channel – check your tv listings. It details the current efforts to solve one of the most legendary treasure hunts of all time. Just search for Oak Island on the internet if you aren’t already aware of this one.

Anyway, even though I have strongly advocated secrecy and anonymity when dealing with the Forrest Fenn treasure, not everyone agrees with me.

I have to admit: the search could make a heck of a reality tv show.

For those unaware, it turns out that most of reality tv is scripted and/or planned out ahead of time.

If I were to develop a show based on Fenn treasure, I would wait until the treasure is found, and make sure to keep the find a secret. Then I would film a number of episodes where we search in different areas that seem to have potential, but do not hold the treasure. The grand finale would be a staged re-enactment of the big discovery.

Imagine the possibilities!

So if you find the hidden treasure chest and want to be on tv, keep this in mind. And yes, I’d be interested getting involved.

For the record, I’m not suggesting that “The Curse of Oak Island” ends with discovery of the treasure or that they have already found a treasure or anything else.

Good luck, be safe and keep me posted of your adventures!