Tarry Scant

This may be the most important part of the entire poem.

A quick stop at dictionary.com gives us the definition of tarry scant. To paraphrase, don’t linger and wait around. Secure the treasure and get the heck out of there ASAP.

Let’s be honest – there are a lot of dangers in the chase. Altitude, wild animals, rough and unfamiliar terrain come to mind. But as usual, man is the most dangerous game.

Throughout history, MANY people have been murdered for far, far less money. Gold specifically seems to leave a long trail of deaths as greed does strange things to people.

There is a famous saying that has been, sadly, misquoted to the point that its original meaning has been lost. It should read:

The lack of money is the root of all evil”

In other words, if someone knows that you have the treasure, they may do something desperate to take it from you. My advice is to act like an innocent hiker, fisherman, or tourist. I wouldn’t tell anyone I am looking for the treasure, and if I found it, I would shut up, put my head down and rush to a safe haven. Be sure to take a backpack large enough to carry a 10x10x6 inch chest that weighs over 40 pounds.

That, I believe, is the best advice Forrest Fenn or I can give, and that is why I call it the most important part of the poem. Safety first. Dead men spend no treasure.

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Eternal Resting Place

Forrest Fenn says in The Thrill of the Chase that he wants his body to lie next to the secret location of the treasure. He may have actually selected the location as an eternal resting place before choosing to put the treasure there.

I think it is debatable about whether this is true. But that isn’t our business and it’s not the point of this post. For the ask of this post, let’s say the whole concept is true…

If we are looking for a resting place, let’s keep some things in mind. A lot of my early ideas lie near the Yellowstone river or other bodies of water. Some of these waters are likely to flood occasionally – some areas may flood annually. I doubt FF would select an area where his body would be washed away by flood waters.

Likewise, I doubt the area would be too close to a trail or other item sure to attract tourists or hikers. If so, someone would spot the body relatively soon and report it to authorities that would probably take it away to be buried. Depending on the circumstances, his body might end up in some sort of anonymous pauper’s grave, and I doubt he wants that. It would seem to defeat the entire purpose of choosing your own resting place.

I can’t imagine FF would actually bury himself. No one else knows the location, so no one else can bury him, or they would probably walk off with the treasure. FF states in the book that no one can be trusted.

Some have guessed that the treasure is in a cave. There are definitely a lot of caves or at least small hollow areas in the mountains, so this is a nice guess. Maybe there is an abandoned mine. I guess it is possible that he is referring to some kind of Native American grave area or cave dwelling area of years ago.

We know that we are supposed to “take it in the canyon down” at some point. I can tell you that there are many places in the canyons along the banks of the Yellowstone that are really high and will probably never flood. Other areas along the YS are very prone to flooding and I saw water standing in areas where it shouldn’t be.

So what did we learn in this post? That’s a good question. Most of these posts are basically me typing thoughts that pop into my head

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Map and Satellite View Combo

If you simply use a map – whether online or on paper, you might find what looks like a great solution to the puzzle.

Unfortunately, some of these places work better in theory than in practice.

Sometimes you may get to a location and immediately know that it looks all wrong. I’m still assuming that the place will be at least a certain distance from regular foot traffic and also from raging flood waters that will occur from time to time.

If you check out your potential search area on a satellite view first, you may save yourself time, effort, fuel and money. All resources that are limited and could be better spent searching other locations.

That’s all for now

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