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This is not the highly anticipated Part 3 of the Home of Brown series that you are eagerly awaiting. Somehow I forgot to type a couple of vital points that were supposed to go in part 2. Think of this as 2a or 2.1 or something

If “the home of Brown” does indeed refer to Joe Brown the gold miner, a couple of things come into focus:

First, since we know that Forrest Fenn takes liberties in his writing, the “heavy loads” in the poem might be a deliberate misspelling of ‘lodes.’ Lodes is a word often associated with ore and mining – such as gold mining.

Second, the “treasures new and old” could refer to the treasure of gold that Joe Brown mined back in the 19th century. Sadly, the information online about Brown and his gold haul is wildly inconsistent. It appears that he found something like 400 ounces of gold in the mouth of Bear Gulch in or near Yellowstone. At today’s gold price, that is over $500,000.

Please disregard the numbers – what really matters here is that you could easily say that Joe Brown found a fortune in the area.

Ok, that was a nice ending – for now!

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