Forrest Fenn Wordsmith

Forrest Fenn took years to finish his poem. Not because it is long – because he chose his words very carefully. I can only imagine he changed the wording many times to make it more difficult to solve the puzzle.

I’ll assume that some of the words have double meanings. Some of them are probably really obscure. Others may be antiquated and no longer used in common speech.

I haven’t written a post in a while, but today I’ll start a series with some odd alternate definitions for words in the poem. I’m going to pick words in no particular order to make it more interesting.

I don’t guarantee that any of these meanings were what Fenn intended, and I sure don’t claim that you can use these ideas to solve the poem. I think the best case scenario here is that it might help you to think of things differently. Good luck!

Let’s start small. Some of you may know this, but I didn’t

Far means on the right side
Nigh means on the left side

As the poem reads, these definitions don’t really seem to help of make sense. But I think it’s neat to learn these alternate meanings, and the fact that both right and left appear is kind of interesting.

More to come soon!

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