Don’t Trust Anyone

If you actually plan to get out and physically chase the treasure, why would you share your ideas, plans, thoughts, interpretations, etc.? Why let someone use your work and ingenuity to beat you to the treasure?


Don’t be fooled by someone offering to trade info. There’s a good chance they will give you bad info that will mislead you.

I have run across some people online that are chasing the treasure. I’ve seen many attempts to lead others astray. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. Just remember it is everyone for themselves. We are not all in this together. You won’t get a share of the treasure if your hint helps some stranger find the chest. Who knows – someone may be generous but don’t count on it.

Someone may offer a deal to split the treasure if one of you finds it. Guess what – he is making he same deal with anyone that will listen. How do think that deal will end up if he finds the treasure? Just say no, thanks.

Frankly, even if you spend the money to have an attorney draw up legal papers, what’s to stop someone from finding the treasure and keeping the discovery a secret? Or claiming that the treasure was obtained outside of the terms of your agreement? Nothing. Maybe you can spend lots of your own money and time fighting in court.

I tried to make it abundantly clear that my blog contains opinions, guesses and interpretations. Use them or ignore them. Maybe they will help. Nothing here is to deliberately mislead, but if I knew all of the right answers I would have the treasure myself.

One thing is for sure – if I had the time and money to continue my chase, I wouldn’t be posting in my blog.

Best wishes to all.

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