Cooper’s El Vado Ranch on the Chama River

Forrest Fenn once stated something to the effect that if you could deduce The Home of Brown, you would walk right to the treasure.

We’ve tried pretty hard to figure out the ‘home of brown.’

We all know that Forrest Fenn is a fan of fishing for trout. Of course some fish are called brown trout. What if “brown” was the name of a specific trout – like a brown trout – that held a record for size?

The largest brown trout caught in New Mexico was caught at Cooper’s El Vado Ranch. It is stuffed and on display there.

If that is the home of brown in question, one might think the swinging bridge that runs over the Chama River on the property could be the notorious “no place for the meek.” You might “put in” the river by launching a boat. You might follow the many, many twists and turns of the river from there and feel like the end is ever nigh.

Although I have been to Cooper’s El Vado Ranch, I didn’t launch a boat in the river and go downstream. If you ever try this route, let me know how it goes. Especially if you find the treasure!!!

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