I Eye Ojo

One of the biggest guesses involves using Spanish translated words to navigate the map of New Mexico. An even bigger guess involves homonyms, or words that sound the same but have different meanings.

Today we’ll look at one of the shortest words in English – I. The poem starts “As I have gone alone in there.” It sure would be easy to overlook this line.

But what if I is intended to be a homonym for Eye – or Ojo in Spanish?

What if there was an unincorporated town in NM, 50 miles north of Santa Fe called Ojo Caliente? Would that be interesting?

I say yes, especially since caliente is a Spanish word that translates to hot, or alternately, warm. And the Ojo Caliente area is known for having hot springs, which of course consist of hot or warm water.

Is this a vital clue? Maybe or maybe not. The thing to remember is that no word should be overlooked, no matter how simple or inconsequential it appears on the surface.

Cooper’s El Vado Ranch on the Chama River

Forrest Fenn once stated something to the effect that if you could deduce The Home of Brown, you would walk right to the treasure.

We’ve tried pretty hard to figure out the ‘home of brown.’

We all know that Forrest Fenn is a fan of fishing for trout. Of course some fish are called brown trout. What if “brown” was the name of a specific trout – like a brown trout – that held a record for size?

The largest brown trout caught in New Mexico was caught at Cooper’s El Vado Ranch. It is stuffed and on display there.

If that is the home of brown in question, one might think the swinging bridge that runs over the Chama River on the property could be the notorious “no place for the meek.” You might “put in” the river by launching a boat. You might follow the many, many twists and turns of the river from there and feel like the end is ever nigh.

Although I have been to Cooper’s El Vado Ranch, I didn’t launch a boat in the river and go downstream. If you ever try this route, let me know how it goes. Especially if you find the treasure!!!

Additional Clues

Forrest Fenn has established a few clues that were not found in the poem or the book “The Thrill of the Chase.”

– The treasure is at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe, NM.
– The treasure is not associated with a building or structure. Somehow I took this to mean the home of Brown is not a building or structure but I may have taken this clue too far
– The treasure is not in a cemetery
– The treasure is more than 7500 feet above sea level
– The treasure is in either NM, CO, WY, or MT – specifically in the regions depicted in the official map

My understanding is that the treasure is not buried under ground – it is supposed to be exposed to snow and rain. I’m not 100% clear on this.

There you go…